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Aug, 2019

Nelson's Fundraiser Pre-Sale Link

Besides selling tickets for our Nelson's Fundraiser you can share the link for Pre-Sale tickets with your family and friends. Post it to your social media to help spread the word. Encourage people to help support youth football. Elkhart Youth Football League is a non-profit organization ran by volunteers. Fundraising helps us keep our costs down and offer scholarships to those in need so everyone gets a chance to participate in youth sports. We have re-occurring costs to maintain and replace equipment each year. Fundraising is vital to keeping our organization running smoothly. Our Nelson's fundraiser is on 8/25/19

Simply copy the link to share:

***Please note: Please bring the receipt provided by Square (or your phone screenshot) to the fundraiser as proof of purchase. Pre-sale tickets must be picked up by 12:30. Pit-tatoes available day of sale. Sale time is from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Northside Gym, 300 Lawrence Street Elkhart, IN 46514

Thank you!