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EYFL Board Members

Name  Position  email address
Thomas Brown President [email protected]
  Vice President  
 Dustin Waits At-Large Board Member [email protected]
Thomas Brown, SRTreasurer   [email protected]

Football Commissioner   
 Eric Sommer

At-Large board member [email protected]
 Angie Clift Director of Sponsor and Community Relations, at-large board member johns [email protected]

Social Media Director, at- Large board member
Rika Brown Director of Volunteerism, at-large board member [email protected]
  At-Large Board member  
  At-Large Board Member
 Ben Klemm Voice of EYFL, At-Large Board Member [email protected]
Daphne Waits Scholastic Chair, At-Large Board Member
[email protected]
Bernadette Klemm At-Large Board Member [email protected]
Rose WeaverSecretary [email protected]

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